Nine Advantages of Forged Steel Ball Valves

One of the advantages of the forged steel ball valve is its small flow resistance which can be zero actually. The sealing performance of theforged steel ball valve is reliable because most valve seats of forged steel ball valves are made of PTFE elastomer so that the effect of complete sealing can be achieved under high pressure and temperatures. 

The forged steel ball valve has good corrosion resistance and long service lives. The major material of the forged steel ball valve’s valve seat sealing ring is PTFE. PTFE is inert to almost all of the chemical substances and has comprehensive features including small friction factors, stable performance being difficult to age, wide range of suitable temperatures and good sealing performance. It also has good corrosion resistance when valve bodies are made of stainless steel materials. 

The forged steel ball valve has the double blocking and discharge functions. The forged steel ball valve adopts the spring pre-tightening floating valve seat. Whether valves are fully opened or closed, valve seats in the upstream and downstream will block fluid so as to discharge residues within valve bodies through drain valves.

The forged steel ball valve has the fire safety function. The design and manufacture of it all follow standard requirements.

The opening and closing of forged steel ball valves are rapid and convenient under normal circumstances. It only needs to rotate 90 degrees to fully and rapidly close or open forged steel ball valves open forged steel ball valves achieved rapidly, and the opening torque is small.

The forged steel ball valve has the compact structure and less weight. The structure of the forged steel ball valve is convenient for the arrangement of pipelines and is the most reasonable valve structure for the low temperature medium system. Besides, symmetrical valve bodies can withstand pressure from pipelines.

The spherical disc can automatically position itself on the boundary so as to withstand high differential pressure when the forged steel ball valve is being closed.

When the forged steel ball valve is fully opened or closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball and the valve seat will be isolated from media, thus media passing through the valve at high speed will not cause erosion to the sealing surface. The forged steel ball valve has extensive applications. In addition to the general media, viscous fluid, serous fluid and solid particles can be delivered by the forged steel ball valve.

The forged steel ball valve has a movement of rotating 90 degrees and there is a circular hole through the axis within the ball. The flow channel of the valve body is obstructed so as to block fluid. Otherwise, the through-hole should be presented to let media get through. The inner cavity of the full bore ball has made a straightway runner of low resistance for media.

The pneumatic actuator can close the ball valve tightly in a moment when rapidly rotating 90 degrees, and the direct combination of the pneumatic actuator and the valve body reduces probabilities of malfunctions. 

The forged steel ball valve is a new generation of the ball valve with high performance and is highly cost-effective, which is suitable for all kinds of pipelines mainly including long distance pipelines and industrial pipes.
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