The production process of stainless steel pipe bend

According to the different manufacturing methods, the stainless steel pipe bend can be divided into three types, namely, the bending pipe, the punching pipe and the welded pipe. Which can be divided into two types of bending bending and bending. When the stainless steel tube for bending the pipe along the longitudinal direction under pressure, leading to pipe wall thickness of the pipe is shortened, the lateral pipe subjected to tensile, elongation, wall thinning and tube; center without force, deformation will not occur. The cross section of stainless steel tube is changed from round to oval. Bend in the production of the need to pay attention to, when the piping system, when the bending radius design does not require the minimum bending radius of the bend to meet certain standards.

Cold bending of stainless steel pipe bend. Bending pipe in the heating process, the heating process should be slow and uniform, so as to ensure the thermal conductivity of the pipe, we should pay attention to avoid overheating and carburizing.

Bending technology is widely used in the field of boilers and pressure vessels. In many industries, such as aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries, the quality of the pipe bend has a direct impact on the structural rationality, safety and reliability of the product. Therefore, bending the quality of the pipe is the most critical, and grasp the technical conditions of the pipe is the most important. In the cold bending of the pipe bend, the need to choose a reasonable mandrel formation and master the correct method of use.

Because the inner side of the bending tube in bending when wrinkling, core tube is when they bend the tube relative bending radius is small, in order to obtain high quality pipe fittings, pipe is in the bending process, in which are inserted into a suitable mandrel, thereby avoiding method of flattening and wrinkling phenomenon stainless steel pipe bending appears when arc. Because the tube has a certain elasticity, so when bending force is removed, a rebound angle of pipe bend. In the bending angle, should consider increasing the angle.

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