Bulkhead Fittings

Bulkhead fittings are specially designed fittings meant to allow free flow of liquids in tank, drum drainage and other plumbing connections. These fittings are also used as distribution outlets in a piping system. Bulkhead fittings provide full flow of water and they are also used to attach flexible pipes with the help of male adapters.

These fittings usually have left handed threads, which help to keep the fitting intact and tight while installing the male adapter. When used with unions, bulkhead fittings facilitate the removal of pumps and accessories. Bulkhead fittings also come with nuts and gaskets as accessories. The gaskets are usually purchased separately.

MateBulkhead Fittingsrials Used:
Bulkhead fittings designed for pipes are usually made of durable and strong materials like:

  • Brass
  • PVC
  • Plastic etc.

Parts of a bulkhead fitting:
Bulkhead Fitting
As seen in the above figure, the measurements of A, B and C are required to get an actual measurement of this kind of fitting.

Buying Tips

The factors that are to be considered for purchase of bulkhead fittings are as follows:

  • While purchasing bulkhead fittings in bulk, you should determine the thread size of fitting.
  • The size of the fitting is also an important consideration before buying bulkhead fittings.
  • As bulkhead fittings are used as distribution outlets in piping systems, determining the diameter of the bulkhead fitting is very important.
  • The quality and strength of the material used for making the fitting is also an important consideration.

Salient Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy adaptation


  • Bulkhead fittings provide a water tight seal through plastic pipes.
  • Using a plastic bulkhead fitting help to remove stress cracks and leakage.
  • They permit a free flow of liquids for tank or drum drainage or filling.
  • Bulkhead fittings can also be used as outlets for distribution into a piping system.

Types of bulkhead fittings:
Bulkhead fittings are available in various types. Some bulkheads are threaded while some are not. Before going for bulkhead fittings, buyers should always consider whether it is threaded or not. Some popular types of bulkhead fittings are like as follows:Threaded Bulkhead Fittings

  • Threaded Bulkhead Fittings: Bulkheads are threaded both inside & outside and on both the ends. While buying bulkhead fittings, it should be always considered whether it is threaded or not. Threaded fittings are divided into two types:
    1. Standard threaded bulkhead fittings: These fittings are threaded on the outer side of both ends and inner side of the front end. However, the inner side of the opposite end is slip fitted.
    2. Double threaded bulkhead fittings: These bulkhead fittings are threaded both on the front and back.
  • Slip Bulkhead Fittings:
    These fittings have slip on the ends and are ideal for adapting an overflow in the side of a water container or a flow-through opening in a wet or dry filter. There are some double slip bulkhead fittings, which are slip both on the front and the back. A PVC pipe or any other slip PVC fittings can be attached to either end of these bulkheads.



  1. Rishiavathy Pillay

    I have a 300 gallon barrel with a 1 and ha;f inch opening at the bottom. I cannot each inside to tightnng the fitting.
    Does the bulk head slip through the one I use and does it seal on its own inside the barrel


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