Copper Pipe Fittings

Copper pipe fittings play an important role in many plumbing and heating applications. These fittings are used for installation of various types of pipes. In fact, copper pipe fittings are mainly used with copper pipes used for supplying hot and cold water in residential water supply lines, as refrigerant line in HVAC, etc. Copper pipe fittings are available in many different sizes and styles and you can select the right one for your application.

Why Copper Pipe Fittings?
Copper pipe fittings are extremely resistant to corrosion, and hence are mostly preferred for household water supply pipelines and other plumbing operations.

Types of Copper Used:
The pipe fittings also vary depending on the type of pipe used. Copper pipes and fittings are usually made of two basic types of copper:

  • Soft copper: Tubes or pipes made of soft or ductile copper can be easily bent to travel around obstacles in the path of the tubing. Soft copper tubing is the only type, which is suitable for flare connections. Soft copper mostly preferred for refrigerant lines in split-system air conditioners and heat pumps.
  • Rigid copper: Rigid copper is widely popular for water pipelines. Rigid copper pipes are connected using compression or sweat connection. As the name suggests, rigid copper cannot be bent and must use elbow fittings to go around corners or avoid obstacles.

Copper pipes are usually joined using flare connection, compression connection and sweat or solder connection.

Copper Pipe FittingsCategories of Copper Pipe Fittings:
Copper pipe fittings are mainly divided into three categories:

  • The first category includes fittings that are designed for making bends and turns in the pipe.
  • The second category comprise of fittings meant for connecting or branching copper pipe.
  • The third category comprises of couplings, slip couplings, cast iron pipe adapters, etc. Any of these fittings can be selected depending on whether the pipe is rigid or flexible.

Types of Copper Pipe Fitting:
A range of pipe fittings are made of copper. Some of the common pipe fittings include:

45° Elbow 90° Elbow Female Pipe Adapters
Pipe Caps Pipe Cap Pipe Coupling
Pipe Tee Pipe Union Flexible Couplings


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