Pipe Adapters

Pipe adapters are an extremely important pipe fitting that extend or terminate pipe runs. They are used to connect dissimilar pipes. These fittings are somewhat similar to pipe couplings, with the difference that they connect pipe of different types, one of which is an IPS (Iron Pipe Size).

Flex couplings sometime act like adapters. Pipe adapters may have either male or female IPS threads on one end and the opposite gender on the other end, which needs to be welded or soldered onto a smaller pipe. Adapters are used in a myriad of applications but they are typically used to connect different pipes to fixtures.

Buying Tips

Certain factors are to be taken into consideration like as follows:

  • Size is the most important parameter that has to be considered while selecting pipe adapters.
  • While going for straight threaded adapters, you should be certain that the compound used is compatible with system and environmental media.
  • The quality of the material used is also an important consideration while buying adapters for pipe.

Materials used:
High quality and durable materials are used for making pipe adapters. Some of the common materials include:

  • Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Polymers
  • Rubber
  • Brass
  • Bronze etc.

Types of Pipe Adapters:
Adapters are available in various types and while different types of adapters are required for different applications. While buying adapters for pipe, the buyer should always select the right type for right application. Some of the common types of pipe adapter are:

Locking Pipe Adapter

Locking Pipe Adapter:

These are special pipe adapters that are used to attach 6 inches pipe to drain basin of any size, which requires a straight-line connection.

Offset Pipe Adapter

Offset Pipe Adapter:

These pipe adapters are used to attach 8 to 10 inches single wall pipe to 9 inches, 12 inches or 18 inches pipes used for drain basins and/or low profile drains, which require an offset connection.

Male Pipe Adapter

Male Pipe Adapter:

Male pipe adapters are designed in such a way that they make minimum volume connection from the female pipe fittings on pressure gauges and regulators to dead volume internal fittings.

Female Pipe Adapter

Female Pipe Adapter:

These pipe adapters make a minimum volume connection from the male pipe fittings, which are usually found in gas distribution plumbing to dead volume internal fittings.

Straight Thread Adapters:

These adapters are also referred as O-ring boss fittings and they are joined on the back of the male half of the connector against a locking surface of the female port. These adapters usually have straight threads, which do not seal and offer resistance for service pressure. Straight threaded adapters are again divided into two categories:Straight Thread Adapters

  • Adjustable: As the name suggests, these adapters are adjustable and include fittings like elbows and tees. Adjustable straight threaded adapters help the user to change the shape in the direction as required, before they are tightened for assembling.
  • Non-adjustable: These fittings include plug or connector and they simply screw into a port and generally require no adjustment.

Uses of pipe adapters:
Pipe AdaptersSome important uses of pipe adapters are as follows:

  • Adapters are applicable in all sanitary pipes.
  • They are food grade rated.
  • They are insulated.
  • They are plated.
  • They provide high purity and excellent chemical resistance.
  • Leak-free designs in adapters can withstand high-pressure.
  • Adapters are ideal for high-vibration or side-load stressed applications.
  • They offer better flow rates.
  • They offer fewer potential leak points, thereby providing a seamless and convenient transition from piping to tubing systems.
  • In some cases, adapters eliminate the need for welded or threaded connections, which in turn save time and cost.


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