As pipe fittings are used in various applications involving slurries, gas, liquid, corrosive substances, mud, chemicals etc., it is essential to follow certain safety tips for proper functioning of these fittings when fitted to various pies. According to an article published recently, some safety tips that can be followed are as follows:

  • Fumes are present in solvent chemicals used for joining PVC and other solvent welded pipe and fittings. So it is advisable to use plenty of ventilation when using them.
  • When fixing a fitting to a pipe by flame or welding , always use a flame shield to keep the propane flame from setting fire to the neighboring areas.
  • Always wear safety glasses or goggles, when soldering pipe fitting to a joint above your head. It is better to use lead-free solder on water lines .
  • Try to install flexible pipe fittings to avoid gas or water leaks in unforeseen calamities as flexible pipe fittings are less likely to break.
  • It is advisable not to install, tighten or loosen a pipe fitting, adapter or any component while the system is under any kind of pressure.
  • Never try to loosen a pipe fitting to relieve or bleed system pressure.
  • Always use a back-up wrench to hold the any pipe fitting body steady when tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.
  • Safety tips for pipe fittings

  • Proper thread lubricants and sealants should be used on tapered pipe threads.
  • It is to noted that pipe fitting and pipe material should be similar (stainless steel fittings on stainless steel tubing or pipe etc.) with the tubing material being fully annealed.
  • * Never weld tube assembled fittings. Before welding, remove all components like nut, ferrules, bolts, o-ring, seals etc. Try to protect the thread areas and the sealing of the pipe fitting by covering with a plug or another nut.


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