Water based drilling fluids are often used in drilling operations. When a solid rock formation is to be fractured, clear-water drilling is utilized where high pressure of water is injected into a bedrock formation. The high pressure clear water drilling thus deepens the already present fractures inside the formation. With this drilling technique, hard rock formation can be further cracked to access the oil and gas source. Clear water drilling is also referred to as hydrofracturing, as this drilling uses a large amount of water to drill the rocks.

The drilling operations carried out in the oil and gas industry are often done by employing clear water drilling technique. This technique is also referred to as hydrofracturing or hydraulic drilling. In this drilling technique, water-base drilling fluids are used to inject it into a wellbore. Water-base drilling fluid has very less solid components and is majorly water. When an oil reservoir has very hard formation, clear-water drilling is done on it so as to break through rocks and deepen the already present fissures in it. This allows engineers to drill the bedrock easily with the high pressure drilling fluid.


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