Bullhead Tee

A bullhead tee is one of the most common fitting used in pipe and tube fitting. Bull head pipe tees are those type of pipe tees where the “branch pipe” connection is of a larger diameter than the straight through “run” connections. They are available with all all solvent weld sockets, female thread sockets, or with opposed solvent weld sockets and a side outlet with female threads.

They are a type of pipe tees in which the branch port is larger than the run ports. In bull head tee, the flow moves into the Tee via the “branch” pipe and the outlet is split between the two “run” connections. This helps in supplying flow to smaller diameter piping in two opposite directions without the need for reducers.

The bullhead tee is so called because the side outlet is the largest socket on the tee and looks somewhat like a bull’s head. Bullhead pipe tees are widely used in low pressure heating and air conditioning systems.

Materials used:

  • Stainless steelBullhead Tee
  • Cast iron
  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Rubber etc.

Types of bullhead tees:

  • Easy Bend Bullhead Tee
  • Hard Bend Bullhead Tee

Uses of bullhead tees:

  • Used in fire protection systems.
  • Used in irrigation systems.
  • Ideal for low-pressure heating.
  • Some bullhead tees used in ponds, known as “Riser Tees”, have a built in “cushion” in the bottom and the water fall before entering the dam pipe. The riser portion of the bullhead tee which is larger than the through pipe helps in eliminating a vortex effect when the through pipe is filled with water.
  • For distribution of gas and liquid, a standard bullhead tee also has a tube inside the tee, in which liquid passes through and the hot gas is mixed well. For this, there is no need to depend upon the distributor to do this mixing.


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