what is a gasket ?

A gasket sealant is basically any type of adhesive spray, glue, or paste that holds the mechanical joint known as a gasket in place. Its main goals are to prevent fluid leakages and reduce the chance of mechanical breakdown as parts rub against each other. Gaskets are perhaps most common in engines for things like cars and trucks, but there are many applications for them in industry and machinery. They are usually fairly secure on their own, but engineers often like to use sealant to improve the strength and integrity of the joints. Many of the sealants available also offer benefits like waterproofing and weatherproofing, which can serve an additional purpose of preventing outside elements from getting in.

Main Uses

This sort of sealant is primarily used to make sure that engine gaskets stay closed and tight. This is most often intended to prevent the escape of a liquid or a gas. There are many applications for the sort of mechanical joints that require sealant, though many are used in liquid and vapor systems that operate under extraordinary temperature and pressure situations. Even gaskets that start out very tight will often, under these conditions, weaken over time. There are also natural limits to how well they will seal. Applying an additional substance can add an extra layer of protection that can improve mechanical performance over the long term, and can reduce the number of times repairs need to be made.


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