Pipe Sleeve

Pipe sleeve is a popular kind of pipe fitting used in various industrial applications. It is available in various sizes, materials depending on the applications in which they are applied. Sleeves are used for variety of purposes and hence widely demanded in the pipe fitting market. Pipe sleeves are user friendly to all users and specifiers like architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, network installers, designers, consultants, builders and plumbers everywhere.

Material used:
There are various materials to make pipe sleeves. Some popular ones are as follows:

  • Iron
  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Rubber etc.

Parts of pipe sleeves:
The whole assembly of pipe sleeves consist of the base plate and the sleeve portion:

  • Pipe SleeveBase plate: This includes a base portion which defines a longitudinal axis. The base plate further includes two flanges: a first flange which extends from the base portion in a first direction normal to the longitudinal axis and lies in a first plane. The second flange extends from the base portion in the first direction, generally parallel to the longitudinal axis, and lies in a second plane spaced from the first plane.
  • Sleeve portion: The sleeve portion of the pipe sleeve consists a body portion and a third flange which extends from the body portion in the first direction.

Pipe SleeveHow to fit pipe sleeves?
There is a fastener stud extending from the second flange and received in the third flange in an aperture to secure the sleeve portion to the base plate. The pipe sleeve’s inside diameter is to be matched to the pipe’s outside diameter for a snug or proper fit. For pipe fitting, place the pipe sleeve so the seam will be face down on the pipe. Tape, wire, or clamp it every foot or two to secure it to the pipe.

Types of pipe sleeves:

  • Single pipe sleeve: Single Sleeve pipe fittings are ideal for all pipes carrying water, gas, oil chemicals etc.
  • Double pipe sleeve: Double Sleeve pipe fittings are suitable for all surface radiator circuits in central heating installations.

Pipe installation through a sleeve:
Pipe Sleeves

Pipe Sleeves
Uses of pipe sleeves:
Some important uses of pipe sleeves are as follows:

  • Pipe sleeves are the most commonly used insulation.
  • They are the simplest, quickest & neatest method to extend pipe lengths.
  • Pipe sleeves cover and protect radiator pipes very easily.
  • Pipe sleeves are also used to ‘sleeve’ two pieces of un-swedged pipes together.
  • Used in central heating installations.
  • Ideal for all pipe carrying different forms of liquid, gas, oil, chemicals etc.
  • Pipe sleeves meet all building regulations relating to fire rated walls.
  • They offer fire protection for brick, block and plasterboard walls.
  • Pipe sleeves act as a protective sleeve in the form of a pressure relieving arch.
  • Pipe sleeve help in the pipework to prevent corrosion.
  • Clients, mechanical engineers, architects and consultants can ensure that each pipe is adequately sleeved in a very cost-effective manner.


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