A steel pipe, also known as a steel tube, is a type of building material that is primarily used for transporting liquids and gases. It consists of a hollow, cylindrical shaped object that can vary in length depending on the application. These pipes are used both above and below ground, and are found in both commercial and residential plumbing systems. It is widely used in the construction industry, but can also be found in a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications.

Many different types of steel can be used to manufacture a steel pipe. Carbon or cold-rolled steel is the most common, and also among the most affordable. A steel pipe may also be coated with zinc in a process known as “galvanization,” which helps to improve the strength and corrosion-resistance of the pipe. Stainless steel pipes are blended with chrome to add corrosion resistance, though these pipes tend to be the most expensive. Finally, corrugated steel pipes are among the largest types of piping, and have a spiral-like texture that gives them extra strength and durability.

There are several different types of steel pipe available for use in various applications. The most common is carbon pipe, which is so named because it contains no other alloys. Carbon pipe is widely available and relatively affordable, making it a popular choice for very large projects such as pipelines. Stainless steel pipe is made from an alloy of steel and chromium, and is one of the more expensive types of pipe on the market. It offers a high level of corrosion-resistance, which allows smaller and thinner pipes to be used, even in highly corrosive or acidic scenarios.

Depending on how it’s made, a steel pipe may have a seam running along its length, though seamless models are also available. Seamed models are made by bending sheets of steel around a cylindrical form. The pipe is then welded along the seam. Seamless models are made using an extrusion process, and tend to work better in high-pressure applications.


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