The American Gas Association is an American trade organization that represents the organizations involved in the supply of natural gas. It also represents other organizations involved in the production of gas and manufacturing of the gas appliances. Established in 1918, it deals with the installation, maintenance and design of the natural gas operations. It also helps in consolidating and minimizing data searches, maintaining operational safety and efficiency, and simplifying the design-process. It is the biggest organization in America that acts as a representing body of 200 local energy companies and has more than 70 million customers of natural gas in the United States.

Beningson explains American Gas Association (AGA)

There are two divisions in the American Gas Association (AGA), i.e., the public affairs, and operations and engineering. Corporate affairs, communications, finance, and membership departments are handled by the American Gas Association to provide relevant and timely information to the members of the association. AGA also works with consumer affairs, environmental organizations, regulatory bodies, lawmakers and also the public majorly to inform them about the utility of the natural gas industry in the United States. AGA believes that natural gas is a necessity in the country; it also believes that the requirements of fuel economy can never be met without natural gas production.


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