Aluminum Bronze is an alloy in which the main alloying metal is aluminum, added to copper. A variety of these alloys that differ in compositions are used in industries for making valves, pipes and pumps. This is the most valued bronze alloy used as it has higher strength and it is corrosion resistant. Being a tarnish resistant alloy, it shows low corrosion rates in atmospheric conditions and it is less reactive with sulfur compounds. It has low oxidation rates even at high temperatures and it is less reactive with exhaust products of combustion.

Beningson explains Aluminum Bronze

An Aluminum Bronze alloy is mostly used in marine environments because it has excellent resistant property for seawater corrosion. It is used in critical components such as downhole tubing, Christmas tree, and components of a wellhead like valves, vessels and heat exchangers. It is generally used in the applications where they are preferable over other materials because of their resistance to corrosion. They are on highest demands from various industries and areas like water supply, general seawater related services, in anti-corrosive applications, petroleum industries, oil and gas industries, and in structural retrofit-building applications.


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