Ferrous Sulfide, A corrosion by-product [FeS2] formed when hydrogen sulfide [H2S] contacts the iron [Fe] present in steel. Ferrous sulfide is a black crystalline material at bottomhole conditions. However, when it contacts air at surface, it will be converted into iron oxide, which is a red-brown compound. Ferrous sulfide is also called iron sulfide.

Ferrous sulfide has the chemical formula FeS hence the name iron (II) sulfide. There is a wide range of applications of ferrous (II) sulfide or iron sulfide. It is used in the metallurgical industry in imparting and improving additional mechanical properties of metals and alloys by adding sulfur to the metals in the steel manufacturing industry.

Some of the industries where ferrous sulfide finds its purpose are:

  • Alloy & Stainless Steel industries
  • Metal cutting industry
  • Wire rope and steel reinforcement (rebars) manufacturing industries.
  • In labs to understand pH value of any solution.


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