Gas or gasoline is a natural gas liquid that has vapor pressure somewhere between the condensate and LNG (Liquefied petroleum gas). It is a light weight volatile mixture of hydrocarbons, which only contains carbon and hydrogen atoms. Commercial gas (gasoline), which has been refined for use is normally used in vehicles that have internal combustion engines. Octane number is used to determine the combustion properties of the gas. The higher the octane number of any gas, the more compression it can withstand before igniting. There are many natural gases that are combustible by their properties.

Gas or gasoline is a light weight unstable mixture of hydrocarbons that is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. Hydrocarbons are organic compounds that contain hydrogen and carbon atoms in them. Natural gasoline and commercial gasoline are different in the fact that they have different pressures and can be recovered or expanded at different pressures and temperatures. Being a volatile mixture, gas is flammable and due to this property it is used as a fuel in many vehicles. Oxygen is very crucial for the combustion of gas in order to ignite and provide power to the engines.


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