What is pipeline patrol?

Pipeline Patrol is the inspection of pipelines to check for washouts, leaks or other abnormal conditions. It is performed commonly by using airplanes as they instantly cover large areas of the pipeline assets. They normally focus on the observation of changes that take place in an area and also various potential problems. Their focus can be tailored to describe the specific needs because of the regulatory changes and environmental circumstances. They are often conducted as a direct outcome of various natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. The main aim in these inspections is to find out damages and repair them quickly so as to avoid escalation of the damages.

Beningson explains Pipeline Patrol

Pipeline Patrol services are the inspection services which are used to monitor various abnormal conditions of the pipelines. Airplanes are used commonly to perform these patrols as they provide visual aerial inspections. They provide an intrusion, immediate notification and documentation of new developments with the help of digital photography and video so that storm damage assessment, leak location assistance and emergency response can be offered. These services offer exceptional quality of aerial pipeline inspection with safety and reliability.

The following can be inspected during the patrol:

  • Loose buts or bolts
  • Tree clearance
  • Woodpecker holes
  • Phase or shield line lightning strikes
  • Phase or static line saddle pins

The pipeline patrol services look for:

  • Broken terraces
  • Exposed pipes
  • Pipeline leaks
  • Land erosion
  • Sunken back-fill
  • Evidences of the heavy traffic
  • Encroachments on right-of-way


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