The most interesting branch of science in Mechanical Engineering is Piping .Piping engineering involves visualization ,creativity in design,detailing with established norms ,industry practices,procedures,codes,standards,dedication,risk taking ability and decipline.Piping is more often referred as ‘HALF SCIENCE & HALF ART’. Piping engineering is all about designing, fabricating and constructing lines for conveying fluids.

Importance of Piping Engineering:
To maintain pressure difference (Δp) 
To maintain temperature difference (Δt) 
To maintain flow rate (Δq) 

Pipelines carry crude oil from oil wells to tank farms for storage or to refineries for processing.
The natural gas transportation and distribution lines convey natural gas from the source and storage tank forms to points of utilization, such as power plants, industrial facilities etc,
In chemical plants, paper mills, food processing plants, and other similar industrial establishments, the piping systems are utilized to carry liquids, chemicals, mixtures, gases, vapors, and solids from one location to another.
The fire protection piping networks in residential, commercial, industrial, and other buildings carry fire suppression fluids, such as water, gases, and chemicals to provide protection of life and property.
The piping systems in thermal power plants convey high-pressure and high temperature steam to generate electricity. Other piping systems in a power plant transport high- and low-pressure water, chemicals, low-pressure steam, and condensate.

Sophisticated piping systems are used to process and carry hazardous and toxic substances.
The piping systems in laboratories carry gases, chemicals, vapors, and other fluids that are critical for conducting research and development.


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