Rack Pipe is an essential tool made up of polyvinyl chloride, steel or aluminum and is used for piping in many industries. Due to the increase in demand, these pipes are customized in a variety of designs. The famous types of racks are U-frame, A-frame, truck rack and pigeonhole. The pipe is usually installed according to its length. The standard racks have bare steel surface with no external coating. Moreover, it also helps in noise abatement.

Beningson explains Rack Pipe

Rack Pipe serves as the main artery of a processing unit. It consists of a series of transverse bents that are spaced at uniform intervals. The rack is specifically designed to support multiple pipes thus also known as Pipe Bridge. It is usually established during the preliminary phase of a project. Moreover, air-cooled heat exchangers are supported above rack pipes and have a simple and economical layout. The pipes also have expansion loops thus they are capable of handling a relative moment of the platforms.


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