Radiator Hose is typically a rubber device that manages the coolant flow from an engine’s water pump to the heater. There are two types of hoses, i.e., upper radiator hose and lower radiator hose. The tubes are made of synthetic rubber to resist vibration, heat, pressure and other cooling systems. Mostly, the designs are molded and customized according to the needs of the applications. A Radiator Hose uses a steel spring to prevent it from being adjoined together by the force of the pump.

Beningson explains Radiator Hose

The Radiator Hose is an essential cooling system in vehicles. It carries the coolant through the engine at an optimal temperature. The upper hose connects to the top of the engine, and the lower hose is connected to the bottom of the radiator and to the pump of the engine. However, it is important to check if the hose is working properly or not, so as to avoid severe damage. Some indications that the hose is not working properly include:

  • The coolant starts leaking
  • The AC is not working well
  • Steam comes out of the engine compartment


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