What is reducing tee?

A Reducing Tee is a T-shaped pipe fitting with two outlets that cut at 90 degrees to the main line. These tees are available with a combination of diverse outlet sizes. In this, the branch port size is smaller than the other ports of the run. Before buying a Reducing Tee, there is a list of features and specifications one must look into to get the appropriate product. For instance,

  • It should be made under strict security standards
  • It should provide good impact strength
  • It should be easy to install
  • It should be light in weight

Beningson explains Reducing Tee

Reducing Tees are available in female thread sockets, solvent weld sockets, side outlets and opposed solvent weld sockets. These types of pipe fittings are essential as they serve two purposes, i.e., they are used to combine or split a fluid flow. These are widely used for positive and vacuum applications. Moreover, reducing pipe tees can also be used to minimize delivery lines to feed ice makers. Due to their smooth flow paths, there is no turbulence thus they can be used for water and waste supply. They are mainly used in the fields of semiconductor, life sciences, and chemical processing.


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