Return Bend is a type of pipe fitting that changes the direction of passing fluid by 180 degrees. It is u-shaped and made up of two L-bends. The fitting can be mold or cast as per the requirements of the existing pipe. As it is widely used by plumbing supplies thus it is available in variant sizes and made up of a variety of sizes. Some commonly used materials are copper, cast iron and plastic. However, plumbers can make their own bends if they have the necessary equipment for working pipes.

Beningson explains Return Bend

Return Bend is usually used to connect contiguous ends of two parallel pipes. The main purpose of connecting the pipes is to avoid accumulation of sediment and many mineral deposits. Thus, it includes filters and traps that catch the solid before they get deep into the plumbing. The bends are made under all regulations thus they offer long-lasting performance. It is necessary to choose the materials wisely as every material has its weaknesses and strengths. Before choosing the type of bend, one must consider the climate where the plumbing is being installed for the best outcome.


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