A Small Tank is a type of oil storage tank which is small in size and is used to store crude oil or petroleum products in small quantities at the site for captive consumption. These types of tanks are made of welded metals and are available in multiple shapes such as spherical, teardrop and cylindrical. Depending on the shapes and sizes, the storage tanks differ in holding the liquid capacities. These tanks are manufactured in accordance to the highest standards that comply with current regulations and safety standards.

Beningson explains Small Tank

In the various sectors (upstream, midstream & downstream) of oil and gas industry, various types and sizes of tanks are required to store crude oil and its derivatives. Small bolted or welded tanks might be ideal for production fields while larger, welded storage tanks are used in distribution terminals and refineries throughout the world. Product operating conditions, storage capacities, and specific design issues can affect the tank selection process.

Small tanks are usually found near the production sites and near the equipment that make use of fuel for its working. Thus the fuel stored in the small tanks is consumed for the captive power generation for working of the industrial processes.

Some of the commonly used storage tanks include large floating roof tanks, production tanks, bolted tanks and open roof tanks.


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